Commit 4cc6eba4 authored by Léo Grange's avatar Léo Grange
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add all the required submodules

Final 3.5 version, ready to migrate to Awesome 4.0.
parent 10d8592b
[submodule "apw"]
path = apw
url =
[submodule "revelation"]
path = revelation
url =
[submodule "pomodoro"]
path = pomodoro
url = git://
[submodule "keyboard-indicator"]
path = awesome.keyboard-layout-indicator
url =
Subproject commit 7822e083917316567004e919553a33e77fd18641
Subproject commit 2857bb9c33d9543e8fc1caa6655adb4680d4c18d
Subproject commit 0c85631c2996168be430f99eba6cf4c042995f96
Subproject commit e4515134e0c61a4b6040aa44a005070c09e79999
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