1. 26 Jul, 2018 5 commits
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      initial attempt to use strong semantic for partial draw on display · 8f03f5ab
      Léo Grange authored
      Using some template to create "Canvas", that may be splitted into sub-canvas
      with some compile-time checking.
      It ensures that :
      - a function that expect to draw on a limited part of the display has this
        area explicited in its signature (width and height)
      - the caller can transparently move this canvas
      - a big canvas can be splitted recurcively into sub-areas
      However, the current implementation uses "big" C++11 lambda to have a cool
      drawing semantic. Not sure if such big lambdas are really a good thing...
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      yet another set of awful template experiments · 2b1bfe19
      Léo Grange authored
      Use a template size type for the pixel width/height on the display and in
      the Painter class.
      This should not cause many bug, and allow to safely switch from uint16_t to
      uint8_t in our case. Improvement is noticeable for .text size (avoid 2
      operations for loading constant in 16-bits registers) but insignificant for
      .data/.bss size (almost everything was already templated).
      Encapsulate the Fonts in magic progmem templated classes.
      It avoid 4 bytes of RAM per font used, at the cost of possibly multiple template
      definitions (specialization for drawing Font12, Font16, etc...).
      Not sure it worth it...
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